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Datamax-O’Neil MF4Te Battery 101

Proper battery maintenance and usage is crucial to the productivity of your Datamax-O’Neil MF4Te printer. Below are some general guidelines to follow to help maintain and extend the usefulness of your printer.

General Information

  • If your printer came with batteries already installed, remove the red battery isolator labels.
  • If you are storing your printer for a long period of time, reinstall the battery isolator labels.
  • Both batteries must be installed for your MF4Te to operate properly

Installing and/or Removing Batteries

  • Open the printer’s cover.
  • Lift the battery cover up by pushing the retainer clip inward with your finger.
  • Lift up the outside end of the battery to remove it.
  • Insert or replace the new batteries. Verify the battery contacts are facing down and are on the outside edge of the printer.
  • Close the battery cover by snapping it into place.

Charging the Battery

To charge your batteries, you must first remove the red battery isolator labels.

If the battery is low when the printer “wakes up”, the Datamax-O’Neil MF4Te printer will emit three short beeps. Plug the AC Adapter into an appropriate power source. The Charge LED turns red when charging and turns green when fully charged. A complete charge will take approximately 3-4 hours.

If your printer is installed with external charge capabilities, you can also charge your printer using approved accessories.

Determining Battery Condition

To determine your MF4Te battery’s condition, you can print a self test by following the steps below.

  • After installing the paper, open the printer’s cover.
  • Press and hold the red, self test button for approximately five seconds until printing begins.
  • After printing begins, release the red, self test button.


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