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Inserting the SD Card in your Motorola MC92N0

The SD card provides secondary non-volatile storage and is located under the keypad.

Caution: Do not remove the keypad while the MC92N0 is on and do not operate the MC92N0 with the keypad
detached. Follow proper ESD precautions to avoid damaging the SD card. Proper ESD precautions
include, but are not limited to, working on an ESD mat and ensuring that the operator is properly

To insert the SD Card:

  • Suspend the Motorola MC92N0
  • Remove the two keypad screws and slide the keypad down and lift off.
  • Lift the SD card retaining door.
  • Position the SD card, with the contacts down, into the SD card holder. The SD card corner notch fits into the holder only one way. Snap the retaining door closed.

  • Replace the keypad and re-attach using the two screws.
  • Perform a warm boot on your Motorola MC92N0


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