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Motorola DS3578 LED Definitions

In addition to beeper sequences, the digital scanner uses a two-color LED to indicate its status, and the cradles LED indicates charge and communication status. The table below will define these statuses.

Standard Use

LED Indication
Off No power is applied to the digital scanner (battery is discharged or removed); digital scanner is in low power and ready to scan.
Green A bar code was successfully decoded.
Red A data transmission error, digital scanner malfunction, or the DS3578 digital scanner was inserted into an STB3478 cradle.

Charging Use

LED Indication
Green Slow Flash The digital scanner charges at the slow rate (used when a host cable powers the cradle).
Green Fast Flash The digital scanner charges at the fast rate (used when an external power supply powers the cradle).
Red flash Charging problem. The DS3578 digital scanner was inserted into an STB3478 cradle.
Red and green flash Temperature fault. Move the cradle to a location where the temperature is 0° – 40° C; optimal charging temperature is 5° – 35° C.


LED Indication
Blue Cradle is powered.
Red Transmission error, or you inserted an DS3478 digital scanner into the STB3578 cradle.

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