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Motorola DS3578 Beeper Definitions

The Motorola DS3578 digital scanner emits different beeper sequences and patterns to indicate its status. The below Table defines beep sequences that occur during both normal scanning and while programming the digital scanner.

Standard Use

Beeper Sequence Indication
Short low-short medium-short high beeps Power up.
One short high beep A bar code symbol was decoded (if decode beeper is enabled).
Four long low beeps A communication error occurred while transmitting a scanned symbol to a host. The data is ignored. This occurs if the digital scanner is not properly configured or if the digital scanner has disconnected from the cradle.
Low beep The digital scanner detects power when inserted into a cradle.
Note: This feature can be disabled.
Low-high-low-high beeps Out of memory – the digital scanner cannot store the new bar code data.
The digital scanner was inserted in an incompatible/older cradle.
Four short high beeps Low battery indication.
Five long low beeps Conversion or format error.

Wireless Operation

Beeper Sequence Indication
Short low-high beeps Scanner has paired with the cradle.
Short high-low beeps Scanner has unpaired with the cradle.
Long low-long high beeps Unsuccessful pairing attempt.
Long low-long high-long low-long high beeps Remote device rejected connection attempt, possibly due to an attempt to pair with a cradle that is already paired with the maximum number of scanners.
Four long low beeps 1. A transmission error was detected in a scanned symbol. The data is ignored. This occurs if a unit is not properly configured. Check option setting.

2. When communicating with a cradle, the cradle acknowledges receipt of data. If the acknowledgment is not received, this transmission error beep sequence sounds. Data may still have been received by the host. Check the host system for receipt of transmitted data. If data was not received by the host, re-scan the bar code.

Five high beeps Emitted every 5 seconds while a reconnection attempt is in progress.

Parameter Menu Scanning

Beeper Sequence Indication
Short high beep Correct entry scanned or correct menu sequence performed.
Long low-long high beeps Input error; incorrect bar code, programming sequence, or Cancel scanned. Scanner remains in program mode.
Short high-short low beeps Keyboard parameter selected. Enter value using numeric bar codes.
Short high-short low-short high-short low beeps Successful program exit with change in the parameter setting.
Long low-long high-long low-long high
Out of host parameter storage space.

ADF Programming Normal Data Entry

Beeper Sequence Indication
High-low beeps Enter another digit. Add leading zeros to the front if necessary.
Low-low beeps Enter another alphabetic character or scan the End of Message bar code.
High-high beeps Enter another criterion or action, or scan the Save Rule bar code.
High-low-high-low beeps Rule saved. Rule entry mode exited.
High-low-low beeps All criteria or actions cleared for current rule, continue entering rule.
Low beep Delete last saved rule. The current rule is left intact.
Low-high-high beeps All rules have been deleted.
Short low-short high-short low-short high beeps Out of host ADF parameter storage space.

ADF Programming Error Indicators

Beeper Sequence Indication
Low-high-low-high beeps Out of rule memory. Erase some existing rules, then try to save rule again. (It is not necessary to re-enter the current rule.) A DS3578 digital scanner was inserted into an STB3478 cradle.
Low-high-low beeps ADF transmit error. Cancel rule entry. Rule entry mode exited because of an error or the user asked to exit rule entry.
Low-high beeps Entry error, wrong bar code scanned. Re-enter criterion or action. All previously entered criteria and actions are retained. Criteria or action list is too long for a rule.

Host Specific


Beeper Sequence Indication
Four high beeps The digital scanner did not complete initialization. Wait several seconds and scan again.
Short high-short low (disconnect) followed by a short low-short high (reconnect) beep sequence 1. The digital scanner scanned a USB device type. The digital scanner must establish communication with the bus before it can operate at the highest power level.
2. The USB bus may cause power to the digital scanner to cycle on and off more than once. This is normal and usually happens when the host PC cold boots.


Beeper Sequence Indication
High-high-high-low beeps RS-232 receive error.
High beep A <BEL> character is received and Beep on <BEL> is enabled (Point-to-Point mode only).


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