DS3578 Cradle Connection

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Connecting the Cradle on your Motorola DS3578

  1. Insert the interface cable into the cradle host port.
  2. Connect the other end of the interface cable to the host.
  3. If necessary, connect the power supply to the cradle’s power port (if the interface requires, or to allow fast charging of the digital scanner).
  4. Connect the appropriate cable to the power supply and an AC power source, if necessary.
  5. If applicable, thread the interface cable over the cable support hook and run the host and power cables into their respective cable grooves.
  6. Pair the digital scanner to the cradle by scanning the pairing bar code on the cradle.
  7. If necessary, scan the appropriate host bar code (for non-autodetected interfaces).


Note: Disconnect the power supply before changing host cables, or the digital scanner may not recognize the
new host

Supplying Power to the Cradle

The cradle receives power from one of two sources:

  • An external power supply.
  • When connected to the host through an interface cable that supplies power.

The cradle detects whether the host or the external supply is supplying power. It always draws power from the external supply when available, regardless of the presence of power from a host.


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