110Xi4 Cleaning Schedule

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Cleaning Schedule for your Zebra 110Xi4 Printer

Cleaning your printer regularly maintains print quality and may extend the life of the printer. The recommended cleaning schedule is shown below.

Area Method Interval
Printhead Solvent* Perform these procedures at the following times:
• When CLEAN HEAD NOW appears.
• Direct Thermal Print Mode: After every roll of labels or 500 ft (150 m) of fanfold labels.
• Thermal Transfer Print Mode: After every roll (1500 ft or 450 m) of ribbon.
Platen Roller Solvent*
Transmissive (media) sensor Air blow
Black mark sensor Air blow
Media path Solvent*
Ribbon sensor Air blow
Label-available sensors Air blow Every six months or as needed
Label-available sensors Solvent*
Snap Plate Solvent* As needed
Cutter Solvent*

* Zebra recommends using Preventive Maintenance Kit (part number 47362). In place of this kit, you may use a clean swab dipped in a solution of isopropyl alcohol (minimum 90%) and deionized water (maximum 10%).



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