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Calibrating Your Zebra 110Xi4 Printer

Calibrate your Zebra 110Xi4 printer when it is first put into service. Calibration allows the printer to establish the proper settings for the specific media and ribbon used in your application. You may
calibrate the printer at other times as needed. The table below shows the different methods for calibration.





Type of Calibration Description When/How it Occurs
Auto-calibration The printer automatically sets the value it detects for the spaces between labels. Occurs at the following times:

  • When the printer is first turned on if CALIBRATION is selected for MEDIA POWER UP
  • When the printer feeds media after the printhead is closed if CALIBRATION is selected for HEAD CLOSE
  • When the printer feeds media after the printhead is closed if CALIBRATION is selected for HEAD CLOSE
Long Calibration The printer does the following:

  • feeds media and ribbon
  • sets the values it detects for media length, media type (continuous or non-continuous), and print mode
    (thermal transfer or direct thermal)
  • updates the sensor values
To perform a long calibration, do one one the following:

  • Press PAUSE on the control panel to pause the printer, and then press CALIBRATE
    CLOSE parameter
 Short Calibration The printer calibrates using the current sensor values rather than detecting the spaces between labels and resetting the sensors. This calibration sequence uses fewer labels than the long calibration sequence, but it is less reliable because the values that are stored in the sensors could be incorrect. Select SHORT CAL for the MEDIA POWER UP or HEAD CLOSE
Sensor Profile Calibration The printer auto-calibrates and prints a media sensor profile. Select the SENSOR PROFILE
option on the control panel
Media and Ribbon Sensor Sensitivity Calibration One of the most common adjustments to printer settings. The printer resets the sensitivity of the sensors to detect
correctly the media and ribbon that you are using. If you change the type of ribbon and/or media, you might need to reset the sensitivity of the media and ribbon sensors. When the sensors are at their new sensitivity, the printer performs an auto-calibration.
Select the MEDIA AND RIBBON CALIBRATE option on the control

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