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Intermec PX4i Control Panel

The control panel provides buttons, LEDs, and a liquid crystal display (LCD) for you to interact with your printer.Use the below illustration to familiarize yourself with the buttons and lights on your Intermec PX4i.

Function Buttons

Button Name Description
Print Feeds or pauses a print job. Reprints the last printed label
Pause Pauses and resumes printing
Pause + Shift Stops a Fingerprint application
Setup Enters Setup mode
Feed Feeds a blank label or other media type
Feed + Shift Performs a testfeed (feeds a blank label and adjusts the media feed)
i Displays error messages, Ready-To-Work status, and communication channel information
< > After you press the i button, use these buttons to scroll through error and information messages

LED Indicators

The Intermec PX4i has three LEDs: Power, Status and the Intermec Ready-To-Work® indicator.

LED State Description
Power Solid green Power is on
Status Solid green The printer is ready
Blinking green The printer is communicating
Solid red There is a printer error
Ready-To-Work Off Printer is in Setup or Information mode or the firmware is being upgraded
Solid blue Printer is powered on and operating
Blinking blue The printer is initializing, waiting for external resources or there is a printer error

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