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Motorola MC9190 Battery 101

Installing the Main Battery

When a battery is first inserted into your Motorola MC9190 for the first time, upon first power up, the device boots and powers on automatically.

Note: Ensure the battery is fully inserted. Two audible clicks can be heard as the battery is fully inserted. A partially inserted battery may result in unintentional data loss.

Charging the Main Battery and Memory Backup Battery

Before using your Motorola MC9190 for the first time, charge the main battery until the amber charge indicator light remains lit.The main battery fully charges in less than four hours.

The Motorola MC9190 is also equipped with a memory backup battery which automatically charges from the main battery whether or not the MC9190 is operating or is in suspend mode. The memory backup battery retains data in memory for at least 30 minutes when the Motorola MC919’s main battery is removed or fully discharged. When the Motorola MC9190 is used for the first time or after the memory backup battery has fully discharged, the memory backup battery requires approximately 15 hours to fully charge. Do not remove the main battery from the MC9190 for 15 hours to ensure that the memory backup battery fully charges. If the main battery is removed from the Motorola MC9190 or the main battery is fully discharged, the memory backup battery completely discharges in several hours.

To Charge the Main Battery

  1. Ensure the accessory used to charge the main battery is connected to the appropriate power source.
  2. Insert the Motorola MC9190 into a cradle or attach the appropriate snap-on module.
  3. The MC9190 starts to charge automatically. The amber charge LED, in the Indicator LED Bar, lights to indicate the charge status.
LED Indication
Off MC9190 not in cradle or connected to a CAM or MSR. MC9190-G not placed correctly. Charger is not powered.
Fast Blinking Amber Error in charging; check placement of the Motorola MC9190.
Slow Blinking Amber MC9190 is charging.
Solid Amber Charging complete.

Note: When the battery is initially inserted in the Motorola MC9190, the amber LED flashes once if the battery power is low or the battery is not fully inserted.

Removing the Main Battery

To remove the main battery:

  1. Prior to removing the battery, press the red Power button. On Windows Mobile 6.5 devices, the PowerKey Action window appears. Tap Safe Battery Swap.
  2. The Indicator LED Bar lights up.
  3. When the Indicator LED turns off, press the primary battery releases. The battery partially ejects from the Motorola MC9190.
  4. Pause three to four seconds while the MC9190 performs battery removal shutdown.
  5. Press the secondary battery release, on top of the battery, and slide the battery out of the Motorola MC9190.

Checking Battery Status

To check the charge level of the main battery or backup battery:

  • On Windows CE 6.0 devices: tap Start > Settings > Control Panel > Power to display the Battery Status window.
  • On Windows Mobile 6.5 devices: tap Start > Settings > System > Power to display the Power window.

Note: To save battery power, set your Motorola MC9190 to turn off after a specified number of minutes.

Battery Saving Tips

  • Leave the Motorola MC9190 connected to AC power at all times when not in use.
  • Set the MC9190 to turn off after a short period of non-use.
  • Set the display to turn off or dim backlight.
  • Set the keyboard backlight to turn off after a short period of non-use.
  • Turn off all wireless radio activity when not in use.
  • Power off the Motorola MC9190 when charging to charge at a faster rate.


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