MC7596 Warm/Cold Boot Procedure

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Performing a Warm/Cold Boot on Your Motorola MC7596

From time to time your Motorola MC7596 may get stuck on a strange screen, have application problems or need hardware drivers reinitialized if certain hardware has stopped functioning. For example, reinitializing the scan driver if the scan engine is not detected. A common resolution to these problems is to try to perform a warm boot on the device. Performing a warn boot will retain all persistent settings while a cold boot will restore the device back to factory default. Follow the steps below to warm/cold boot your device based on its Operating System.

Warm Boot

Hold down the power button for approximately five seconds. As soon as your Motorola MC7596 starts to boot, release the power button.

Cold Boot

To perform a cold boot press the Power button and the 1 and 9 keys simultaneously.

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