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Motorola LS9208 Scanning Modes

There are a few different ways to scan using the Motorola LS9208 scanner. See below for the best practices for both Single-line mode and omni mode.

How to Scan in Single-Line Mode

Install and program your Motorola LS9208

  • Ensure all connections are secure.
  • Pick up the scanner press and release the trigger. A single scan line displays.

  • Ensure the scan line crosses every bar and space of the symbol.

  • Press and hold the Motorola LS9208 trigger until either:
    • The scanner reads the bar code. The scanner beeps, the LED flashes, and the laser turns off.
    • The scanner does not read the bar code and the laser turns off.
  • Release the trigger. The aim scan line reappears. To read another bar code in single-line mode, repeat steps above. Repeat this step as often as required.

How to best scan while in Omni Mode

In this mode, an omni scan pattern provides rapid, orientation-free scanning. You can use this scan pattern for either presentation mode or hand-held scanning.

To scan a barcode, present it to the window on your Motorola LS9208or from side to side in a sweeping motion:

  • Ensure all connections are secure.
  • Insert the scanner in the optional hands-free stand by placing the front of the scanner into the stand’s cradle or place the LS9208 on a flat surface.
  • To scan a bar code, present the bar code and ensure the scan lines cross every bar and space of the symbol. The scan pattern becomes steady when the scanner detects the bar code.
  • Upon successful decode, the scanner beeps and the green LED flashes momentarily.


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