LS9208 Interfaces

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Motorola LS9208 Supported Interfaces

The Symbol LS9208/LS9208i scanners support the following interfaces:

  • Standard RS-232. Scan bar code menus to establish proper communication of the scanner with the host.
  • Keyboard Wedge. The host interprets scanned data as keystrokes.
    • International Keyboards supported (for Windows® environment): North American, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, UK English, Brazilian/Portuguese and Japanese.
    • International Keyboards supported (for Win XP/2000™ environment): French Canadian.
    • International Keyboards supported (for Win 95/98 environment): French Canadian.
  • Wand Emulation. The scanner is connected to a portable data terminal, a controller, or host which collects the data as wand data and decodes it.
  • IBM 468X/469X hosts. Scan bar code menus to establish proper communications of the scanner with the IBM terminal.
  • USB hosts. The scanner auto detects a USB host and defaults to the HID keyboard interface type. Scan bar code menus to select other USB interface types.
  • International Keyboards supported (for Windows environment): North America, German, French, French International, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, British, and Japanese.
  • Synapse capability which enables connection to a wide variety of host systems using a Synapse and Synapse adapter cable to connect to a host. The scanner auto detects Synapse.


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