LS4278 Battery Replacement

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Replacing the Battery in Your Motorola LS4278

The battery to your Motorola LS4278 is located in a chamber in the scanner handle. Occasionally you will need to replace a failing or end of life battery and below are the steps to accomplish this.

  • Insert a Philips screwdriver in the screw at the base of the scanner handle, then turn the screw counterclockwise to release the latch.
  • Remove the latch.
  • If a battery is already installed, turn the scanner upright to slide the battery out. Disconnect the connector clip.

Removing the battery

Removing the battery.2


  • With the contacts on the connector clips facing in the same direction, attach the new battery’s connector clip to the connector clip in the base of the scanner.
  • Slide the new battery into the battery well an ensure the battery leads are visible. The battery should sit securely in the well.
  • Attach and close the latch.
  • Insert a Philips screwdriver in the screw at the base of the scanner, press down gently and turn the screw clockwise to lock the latch in place.


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