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Installing the Interface Cable on your Datalogic Gryphon

For corded versions of the Datalogic Gryphon scanner, connect the reader cable by inserting the cable into the handle as shown below. To remove the cable, insert a paper clip into the release aperture and unplug the cable.

RS-232 Serial Connection

Tern off the power to the terminal/PC and connect the reader cable to the terminal/PC serial port via the RS-232 cable as shown below. If terminal will not support POT (Power off the Terminal) to supply reader power, use the approved power supply.

Keyboard Wedge Connection

The Keyboard Wedge cable has a “Y” connection from the reader. Connect the female to the male end from the keyboard and the remaining end at the keyboard port at the terminal/PC.

USB Connection

Connect the reader to a USB port on the terminal/PC using the correct USB cable for the interface type that you require.



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