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Printing a Test Label with your Zebra GK420

Before you connect the printer to your computer, make sure that the Zebra GK420 is in proper working order.

You can accomplish this printing a configuration status label.

  1. Make sure the media is properly loaded and the top cover of the printer is closed. Then, turn the printer power on if you have not already done so. If the printer initializes with the status light blinking green (pause mode), press the Feed button once to set the printer in Ready (to print) mode.
  2. Press the Feed button two to three times to allow the printer to calibrate the printer for the installed media. The printer may feed several labels during this process.
  3. When the status light is solid green, press and hold the Feed button until the status light flashes once.
  4. Release the Feed button. A configuration label will print.



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