Onsite Printer Tagging Services for 1,400 Home Merchandise Stores

A household goods retailer hired Carlton Technologies, Inc. to locate, evaluate, serialize, clean, and service its in-store printers for 1,400 locations in just 15 weeks.

retail printer onsite field services case study

Case Study

Company Overview

  • $11B in Revenue
  • Top 5 in Consumer Home Goods
  • 1,479 Store Locations
  • 9,000+ Printers & Networked Devices

Retail Field Services Case Study

As consumer tastes and shopping habits rapidly change and modernize, a domestic merchandise brand needed to address the gaps and limitations of its in-store technology. In this case, multifunction printers in every stockroom.

The Challenge

Sourcing and Managing Onsite Printer Technicians in 35 States

The home goods retailer was to hire a new IT vendor to manage their critical multifunction printers. While the retailer knew there were thousands of networked devices in play, they did not know their exact location, condition, functionality, and presence of updated service tags.

Information varied from store to store, and the retailer’s own IT department lacked the onsite technical presence required to perform an internal technology audit.

Without a complete list of all printers, their functionality, or their physical location in stores, or even network connectivity status, the retailer had no way of validating the scope and cost of a future printer upgrade project.

For a comprehensive, accurate, and timely assessment of their total printer inventory and needs, a pool of field service technicians with national reach was needed to perform the printer audit at every store location.

The Solution

Carlton Technologies dispatched and managed a nationwide team of onsite field service technicians for more than 1,400 stores across 35 states.

To successfully deliver a comprehensive list of printers, Carlton focused on sourcing quality technicians and developed a repeatable, systematic audit process.

Nationwide Onsite Field Services – Carlton provided onsite “Smart Hands” technicians at each location for printer identification, tagging, troubleshooting, and project management for nationwide technology deployment.

Asset Identification – Upon arrival at each store and checking in with the store manager, technicians located, identified, and photographed any printers onsite.

Inspection & Cleaning – Printers were powered down, paper stock removed, and toner cartridges were verified. Any leaking or noisy cartridges were removed and replaced. Fusers and rollers were also inspected and replaced if need be. Technicians vacuumed and wiped down each unit inside and out. Any previous vendor stickers or ink stains were removed for a clean, professional appearance.

Functionality Tests & Configuration – Once powered back on, printers were tested to ensure functionality was restored and configured with the required settings. Maintenance counters were reset and configuration pages were printed. Key information such as the model, serial number, and IP address of the printer were confirmed on each configuration page.

Asset Serialization & Tagging – The technician neatly labeled the front of each printer with the new ID tag. A visible ID tag with the model, serial number, and IP address made it clear to store associates which unit should be visible on the network, as well as an accurate phone number to call for service. Pictures of the clean, relabeled, and functional unit would be taken by the onsite technician for documentation.

Evaluation of Devices in Storage – Once the main printers were cleaned and functional, any devices in storage were also evaluated. Dead on arrival (DOA) printers and/or printers with physical damage would be notated in a configuration checklist by the technician. Location, functionality, model number, network IP address, and the retailer device name would also be noted at this stage.

Full List & Documentation of Devices – The technician would provide the final deliverable: a full list of devices, tags, condition, and status along with photographs to Carlton’s project manager for that specific location. An accurate device list provided a real-time snapshot of technology functionality at the location without requiring any internal IT staff from the retailer.

“We considered performing a printer audit internally, but quickly realized we didn’t have the resources to effective audit at scale. Carlton was an invaluable partner who made the entire process seem easy and worked extremely fast. What might have taken a half a year took just 15 weeks.”

Danica G.
IT Implementation Manager

The Results

Carlton’s detailed process and coordination of onsite “Smart Hands” technicians was completed for 1,400 stores in just 15 weeks.

The retailer now had a complete picture of printers across the country, enabling a measured, goal-oriented approach to technology investments and decisions going forward.

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