Two Ways to Keep Your Manufacturing Technology Healthy

Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing technology is tough. But even the most rugged devices need regular maintenance in today’s demanding landscapes, and keeping manufacturing technology healthy is important. After 20 years of AIDC device repair for thousands of customers, uptime is our chief concern. Here are two ways to keep your critical devices healthy.

Manufacturing Technology is Part of a Massive Ecosystem

A modern manufacturing operation collects an amazing amount of data.Manufacturing Technology Repair

You have a shipping and receiving department for inbound materials scanning. Handheld scanners, mobile computers, and industrial printers all play a major role. An entire fleet of vehicles and semis with mounted technology store even more data.

But the more touch points you have, the higher the rate of device failures you encounter.

Factor in extreme environments (like high temperatures in a steel mill) and the issues add up. Manufacturing technology downtime can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted. While some of this can be due to end user misuse, legacy systems are often the culprit.

What processes and resources do you have in place for repairing enterprise devices?

Two Ways Manufacturing Technology Repair Could Be Easier

Automated systems. Robotic conveyor belt scanners. High res pallet photography. Better end user device training and policies. In a high-demand, hectic environment, hardware and software failures add up quickly, no matter how advanced your operation may be.

Brand new technology is a priority, but not every manufacturer is ready to transition. In reality, many manufacturers rely on outdated hardware and software. Despite end of life notices from OEMs and Microsoft, slow adoption rates are common.

Support for old hardware or software is where original equipment manufacturers fall short. They direct end users to shiny new devices. It makes sense for them, but it seems like a risky investment for you.

Carlton understands that day-to-day needs come first. We’ve worked on data capture equipment for decades. It’s our job to get get your current hardware back in top form. There’s two ways we do this. One way prioritizes flexibility, while the other offers complete coverage.

Approach #1: Flexibility. Only pay for device repairs per incident. No contract necessary.

Manufacturing Technology CC Flat Fee Green 3282 CFor maximum flexibility, CarltonCare Flat Fee repairs are your best bet. CarltonCare Flat Fee is perfect for device repairs on a per-incident basis. There is no contract required.

Send in devices that need repairing and specify your turn time requirements. We’ll have your equipment back to you working like new. Pay one price per incident. It’s simple, and a great way to experience what it’s like to work with a trusted device partner. All repairs have a 90 day warranty.

Real Life Use Case: National Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturer

A national CPG manufacturer was experiencing regular failures among 50 Intermec CK3s. While all-new Honeywell equipment running Android would be ideal, budgetary approval is two years away. They use CarltonCare Flat Fee service for real short-term needs. Manufacturing can’t stop just because of a hardware or software issue.

CarltonCare remains the perfect complement to their unpredictable manufacturing technology needs. The company only pays on a per device basis. After three days at our technical center, the devices are shipped back to the CPG depot working like new. Flat Fee provides the flexibility they need at a very competitive price.

Approach #2: Full Coverage (Including Accidental Damage), One Annual Bill. 

Manufacturing Technology CC Premium Medium Blue C

Want peace of mind and simplicity? Look no further than a CarltonCare Premium service plan. Premium is our core business. It’s the most popular service plan for our manufacturing customers. Every device is covered, even when there is accidental damage or end user abuse. Service costs are predictable as well – there is one annual repair bill. That’s it.

Submit repair requests, invoices, and support in our online portal. Still have questions? You have a dedicated, U.S. based point of contact for support and troubleshooting. Carlton can even maintain your spare devices in-house. Lost or failing equipment isn’t a big deal. Carlton will deploy a working, fully configured scanner to you right away. No questions asked.

Real Life Use Case: Automobile Manufacturer

An automobile manufacturer was experiencing a wide array of issues across its entire device pool. Honeywell scanners, Zebra vehicle mounts, Dell computers, freezing Windows software, and SATO printers. Chasing down every vendor for support and sitting on hold is not feasible.

Instead, the auto giant relies on CarltonCare Premium service. There’s a clear contract and one annual charge. There’s a single dedicated contact when critical equipment fails. Communication is polite and timely. Repairs are thorough and on-time 98% of the time. Lastly, the efficient deployment process makes the entire operation flow without incident, regardless of the OEM brand.

Two Approaches, Same Great Result

Want to make more informed decisions and improve profitability at your manufacturing center? A strategic approach to AIDC device repair plays a major role. Move more products, improve operational efficiency and safety, and capture critical data at every touch point.

Make manufacturing technology easier to manage and repair. A Flat Fee or Premium plan can really make your barcode scanners, printers, mobile computers, and handheld equipment shine once again until you’re ready for new equipment.

Do you have the right resources in place? Learn more about the different equipment repair plans we offer.

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