Logistics Technology Repair: Is It Time for a New Approach?

Logistics Technology Repair

Logistics technology is built to last. But even the most rugged hardware and software requires regular maintenance in today’s trucking, shipping, and aerospace industries. Logistics technology repair and the best way to manage the process remains a massive pain point for T&L companies. As a service provider, we’ve found two proven approaches to keeping your critical devices working, every time.

Logistics Technology is Part of a Massive Ecosystem

A modern T&L supply chain collects an amazing amount of data.Warehouse Scanner Repair_Logistics Technology Repair

Thousands of trucks, drivers, deliveries, routes, asset tracking, and all the key metrics tied to every action. Idle time, engine performance, navigational efficiency, fuel costs, and more all have a major impact on the bottom line.

Too often, the focus is on the driver. What about the data collection hardware and software that is crucial every day? Handheld scanners, mobile computers, and mobile printers all play a major role. An entire fleet of vehicles and semis with mounted technology on the dashboard. The more data collection touch points you have, the higher the rate of errors, incidents, and device failures.

Factor in high demand schedules, pressure on drivers to be on-time, and lack of device training – you’ll see the issues add up quickly.

Logistics technology downtime can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted a year (in many cases we’ve seen, much more). While some of this can be due to end user misuse, legacy transportation hardware and software itself tends to be the underlying issue.

What processes and resources do you have in place for repairing logistics mobility devices?

Two Ways Transportation and Logistics Device Repair Could Be Easier

Automated trucks. Cargo space optimization software and bidding. High resolution photography that scans an entire load right at the shipping dock. Inventory damage control. Better end user training and policies. All of these are worth an investment, but repair for current equipment is one area that isn’t done well in-house. A device partner is going to work full-time for you to rethink how you maintain crucial transportation and logistics technology.

Brand new hardware and the latest Android software is one option. But not every transportation company is ready for such a drastic transition. We can certainly help (and recommend you reach out to Carlton if you haven’t yet).

The truth is, many trucking and freight providers rely on outdated hardware and software for as long as possible to save money. Despite end of life notices from OEMs and Microsoft, adoption is slow for very valid reasons.

Support and repair for old freight technology is where OEMs tend to fall short. They direct end users to newer devices, but don’t always think about short term needs. Customer service isn’t a priority. Carlton understands that day-to-day needs come first. We’ve worked on data capture devices for decades. It’s our job to get get your current hardware and software back in top form. There’s two ways we do this. One way prioritizes flexibility, while the other offers complete coverage.

Approach #1: Flexibility. Only pay for device repairs per incident. No contract necessary.

For flexibility, CarltonCare Flat Fee repairs are your best bet. CarltonCare Flat Fee is perfect for device repairs on a per-incident basis. There is no contract required. We’ve also introduced Flat Fee Premium for an additional level of customization if needed.

Send in your mobile computers, barcode scanners, mobile printers, and vehicle mounts that need repairing and specify your turn time requirements. We’ll have your equipment back to you working like new. Pay one price per incident. It’s simple, and a great way to experience what it’s like to work with a trusted device partner. All repairs have a 90 day warranty.

Real Life Use Case: National Freight Provider

A national freight provider operating approximately 10,000 tractors, 28,000 trailers and 14,300 containers, with 36 locations in Canada, the United States, and Mexico was heavily reliant on Motorola ES400 and ES405 keyboards and computers. Such a large pool of devices lead to big repair needs. Another thing to consider is the batteries, screens, and other accessories tied to each computer. Working with an OEM or utilizing internal IT resources wasn’t a viable solution. Flat Fee repair, on an as-needed basis, was the perfect introduction to Carlton.

A 7 day turn Flat Fee program for a bulk device pool was exactly what they needed. Logistics technology is unpredictable, so the ability to pay on a per device, as needed basis was crucial. Once repaired and working like new at Carlton, the devices were returned to the freight company on time and at a very competitive price.

Approach #2: Full Coverage (Including Accidental Damage), One Annual Bill. 

Logistics Technology Repair CC Premium Medium Blue CFor peace of mind, device repair should not be top of mind. With a CarltonCare Premium service plan, every device is covered, even when there is accidental damage or end user abuse. Service costs are predictable as well – there is one annual repair bill. That’s it.

Submit requests for repair, track item status updates, and access invoices directly in our online portal. Still have questions? You have a dedicated, U.S.-based point of contact for support and troubleshooting.

Carlton can even maintain your spare devices in-house. Lost or failing equipment issues no more – Carlton will deploy a working, fully configured scanner to you right away. No questions asked.

Real Life Use Case: National Logistics Company

A full service local carrier, consolidator, and freight broker with a 200,000 square foot distribution center had 300 Motorola MC75s deployed across the entire fleet. What began as a Flat Fee relationship for a smaller batch of 80 devices turned into a long-time Premium contract after they experienced Carlton service.

CarltonCare Premium service removes the complexity of managing multiple vendors. Specific turn time needs, spare device pool management, and advanced replacement and deployment is ready for them, on demand. Configuration, troubleshooting, and technical support are a phone call away. Communication is polite and timely. Repairs are thorough and on-time. Last, the efficient deployment and replacement process feels effortless. As it should when working with a trusted device partner.

Two Approaches, Same Great Results

A strategic approach to logistics technology repair plays a major role. Move more freight, improve efficiency, capture critical metrics at every touch point, and most of all, focus on the big picture items that really move the needle. Until transportation providers are ready for new hardware and Android next year, a service relationship is vital for current equipment.

Do you have the right device repair resources in place? Learn more about the different plans we offer, and please don’t hesitate to reach out. We offer a myriad of professional IT and deployment services, no matter your size or industry.

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