Is Your Business Ready for the 3G Network Shutdown?

3G Network Shutdown

Mobile devices are only as useful as the wireless network they’re on. So what happens when 3G network shutdown happens this year?

Out with the old network, in with the new. 4G LTE has been around for ten years, yet is not adopted by as many businesses as one might think. And revolutionary 5G networks are  already on the horizon.

So what is your company running? 3G is still prevalent in a staggering number of businesses worldwide. 3G networks have proven reliable and cost-effective for automatic identification and data capture. With a massive investment in mobile hardware, businesses aren’t in any rush to upgrade to 4G.

That will change this year.

The 3G Network Shutdown: What is changing in 2019?

Major network service providers are shutting down their support for 3G networks completely. Here’s what we know:

  • Verizon announced it would sunset 3G by December 31, 2019.
  • T-Mobile is primarily 4G, with ambitious plans to be first to market with 5G on consumer devices. 3G support should end in 2019.
  • Sprint’s merger with T-Mobile remains uncertain, pending a governmental approval during a shutdown. It’s unclear if 3G support will continue on Sprint devices.
  • AT&T has not allowed device manufacturers to develop 3G hardware since June 2017.

What is the current 3G technology landscape?

Verizon and Sprint use Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), while AT&T and T-Mobile use Global System for Mobiles (GSM). This is why Verizon devices won’t run on an AT&T network and vice versa.

How can companies get ahead of the 3G network shutdown?

To avoid downtime from 3G shutting down in 2019, companies with devices on 3G should develop an upgrade plan and budget. 4G LTE is faster, more secure, and will be widely adopted in the next year or two. Carlton can help with the bigger picture solution.

What should my company do in the event of 3G network disruptions?

It depends on the device manufacturer and 3G network (CDMA vs. GSM). Your mileage may vary with OEM support.

Reach out to Carlton today. We have 20+ years of AIDC hardware knowledge. We’re a certified device partner with some of the largest network carriers and hardware manufacturers. We have configured custom wireless, 3G, and 4G networks for several customers. We have both pre-owned and new hardware in stock to help assist with a transition to 4G, 5G, and beyond.

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