Introducing Mobility Edge – Enterprise Mobility Platform Supported by Android R

Mobility Edge Platform

It’s time to deploy the smart mobility solution that will simplify deployments, optimize productivity and increase worker performance and satisfaction throughout your organization. If that sounds time consuming, costly or downright implausible, Carlton is here to tell you that it’s not only possible, it’s easier than you think.

At Carlton, our technical specialists have the expertise to help you configure, deploy and manage your mobile solutions with the agile and adaptable Mobility Edge™ platform from Honeywell, supported by Android™ R. Experience unprecedented efficiency, enhanced security and seamless integration.

A dynamic and unified hardware and software platform, Honeywell’s Mobility Edge platform is a suite of tools designed to extend product lifecycle and streamline the implementation of new devices. Applications can be validated and updated just once across all form factors, instead of laboriously and painstakingly done one device at a time.

Acting as a foundation on which all future mobile computers are being built, Mobility Edge solutions are equipped to deal with constantly evolving advances in technology.

Simply stated, the Mobility Edge platform drives:

  • Accelerated deployments
  • Maximized performance
  • Augmented security
  • Extended device lifecycle

Safeguarding data and mitigating malicious security attacks is and always will be one of the most critical elements of enterprise mobility, and thus, requires special attention.

Mobility Edge has the longest security lifecycle support in the industry, with Google-supplied security patches and guaranteed support through Android 13.

In addition, Honeywell offers the Sentinel Service, providing two more years of security patches, based on back-porting from future OS releases. Incorporating an enterprise wide approach to patch releases has a tremendous on impact on enhancing security, as well as bolstering TCO.

Integral benefits of the Mobility Edge and Android R collaboration:

  • Increased ROI
    • Unified architecture enables certification of a mobile solution once, then deploys to many devices
    • Complete suite of tools that are common across the entire portfolio of products
    • Central management interface for provisioning, certifying and deploying new apps and software updates
    • Via Android R, hardware that is designed to support twice as many OS upgrades as the competition
  • Optimized Performance and Efficiency
    • System on module (SOM) Android-based platform
    • Customized user experience for employees
    • Maximized productivity via learning engines
    • “Future-proofed” devices that ensure subsequent mobile hardware and software upgrades integrate with future versions of Android
  • Security
    • Security patch support and Honeywell’s Cyber Security protection
    • Platform monitored by Honeywell’s Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT), with rapid response times
    • Compatible with 4 generations of Android operating systems (N-Q), extending product lifecycle

Honeywell’s Mobility Edge platform, supported by Android R, is the smart and cost-effective mobile solution that delivers intuitive integration and future adaptability.

If you’re ready to take that leap into the future of mobile computing, Carlton can guide you every step of the way, from understanding migration requirements, to integrating and deploying the Mobility Edge platform with Android R across your enterprise.

Carlton technical experts can provide:

  • Guidance on OS migration requirements and implementation
  • Direction on enterprise-wide device integration
  • Navigation through the comprehensive line of innovative Honeywell Mobility Edge compatible products and solutions
  • Insight on how to eradicate fragmented mobile computing altogether

By implementing Mobility Edge solutions, supported by Android R, you will empower your workers with cutting-edge technology and create a cohesive ecosystem of interconnected devices. Contact Carlton today, and let our technical support team help you build a unified mobile enterprise environment.

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