Datalogic Matrix 300N 2MP Stationary Industrial Scanner

About Datalogic Matrix 300N 2MP Stationary Industrial Scanner

The Datalogic Matrix 300N™ 2MP stationary industrial scanner with a 2 Megapixel high resolution sensors, is an ultra-compact image-based barcode reader with fantastic performance and the smallest form factor; the ideal solution for Automotive, Electronics, Intralogistics, Food & Beverage, Packaging, Medical and Document Processing applications.

The Matrix 300N allows an easy and effective focus control for high reading flexibility because of the manual focus adjustment and the Liquid Lens technology for an electronic remote focus control. Additionally, the innovative lighting solution with an integrated flexible illumination system makes the Matrix 300N imager essential for reading barcodes marked with DPM (Direct Part Marking) resulting in optimal illumination on normal, etched, reflective or textured surfaces.

The Matrix 300N 2MP high power 10 LEDs illuminator is suitable for long range reading distances and the multi LED-chain illuminator with diffuser is very effective in barcode reading on flat surfaces with machining flaw. The polarized illuminator is the ideal solution for reading on reflective or glossy surfaces and allows extreme mounting flexibility since the reader can be mounted 90° to the target surface.

The Continuous High Power Mode (CHPM) lighting option is available on the 2 Megapixel models to remove the flickering effect, avoiding any disruption to the operator when the reader is used in Presentation Mode.

Datalogic Matrix 300N 2MP Stationary Industrial Scanner Features

  • 2 Megapixel sensor and high power illuminators for long range reading distances
  • Liquid lens for electronic adjustable focus on both 9 mm and 16 mm focal length models
  • Capability to read 1.5 mils DataMatrix
  • Multi LED-Chains Illuminator with diffuser for DPM applications and high-power polarized illuminator for reflecting surfaces
  • Continuous High-Power Mode (CHPM) to eliminate the flickering effect
  • Compact dimensions and rotating connectors for easy integration and installation in tight space
  • Laser aiming system on all models
  • Onboard Ethernet/IP and PROFINET IO for industrial connectivity
  • Extreme industrial grade IP65 and IP67 ratings for harsh environments, 0 to 45 oC/32 to 113 oF operating temperature
  • Easy of use and setup thanks to the green and red spot lights, the X-PressTM button, the intuitive HMI, the aiming-system and the DL.CODETM configuration software

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Datalogic Matrix 300N 2MP Stationary Industrial Scanner Available Configurations

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