How to Evaluate Warehouse Scanner Repair (and See Results)

warehouse scanner repair

Distribution and fulfillment centers are only as strong as their warehouse scanner technology. Even the most rugged devices fail. Regular warehouse scanner repair and support are a necessity to stay abreast of increasing consumption and “need-it-now” expectations. Otherwise, someone else wins that business. Let’s dig in.

Today’s Warehousing and Distribution Device Ecosystem

A connected warehouse collects an amazing amount of data.

warehouse scanner repair

Order pickers zip from aisle to aisle on foot and in forklifts. In a given day, they might scan hundreds of items for fulfillment. You have a shipping and receiving department for inbound and outbound deliveries. These clerks rely on industrial printers. An entire fleet of vehicles and semis with mounted computers store even more data.

The number of physical device touch points in a warehouse/distribution center is staggering. As you can guess, the more AIDC touch points you have, the higher the rate of device failures you encounter.

Factor in extreme environments (such as an indoor cooler for dairy products), accidental breakage, or employee misuse, and you can see where things can quickly fall apart. A few failed warehouse scanners can lead to some serious headaches, even in the best facilities in the world.

When is the last time you evaluated warehouse scanner repair at your organization?

Warehouse Scanner Repairs: Two Examples of Effective Device Lifecycle Management

A connected distribution center relies on seamless enterprise technology throughout its supply chain. While our OEM partnerships make procuring new hardware easier, we focus on ensuring the technology rollouts are properly planned and executed for your specific environment.

A fair number of warehousing and distribution centers use legacy and/or end of life hardware. Despite discontinuations from an OEM such as Zebra, “if it ain’t broke” is the general philosophy, especially in manufacturing. It’s cost effective, and familiar.

Side note, Windows Embedded CE and Windows Handheld mobile operating systems are not what any company should be running these days, but custom internal applications, WMS, and vehicle tracking systems may not be ready to play nice with Android OS. Until you move to Android, your security vulnerabilities will continue to get worse.

Support and maintenance for old hardware or software is where original equipment manufacturers fall short. They direct end users to shiny new devices. It makes sense for them, but it can be a risky investment for IT departments with finite resources.

Carlton understands that day-to-day needs come first. We’ve worked on the very same equipment for decades and will help you get your current hardware back in top form.

We have two common approaches to warehousing and distribution technology. One prioritizes flexibility, while the other offers complete coverage.

Approach #1: Flexibility. Only pay for device repairs per incident. No contract necessary.

For maximum flexibility, CarltonCare Flat Fee repairs are your best bet.

flat fee repair plan carltoncare

CarltonCare Flat Fee and Flat Fee Premium for device repairs on a per-incident basis. There is no contract required.

flat fee premium repair plan carltoncare

Send us underperforming barcode scanners, printers, and mobile computers. Specify your turn time requirements (overnight, two day, five day, seven day turns). We’ll have your equipment back to you working like new. You pay one price (a flat fee) per incident.

CarltonCare Flat Fee is a wonderful introduction to working with a trusted AIDC partner before moving to a more comprehensive service contract. All repairs and refurbished equipment from Carlton have a 90 day warranty.

Real Life Warehouse Scanner Repair: National Food Distribution Company

A national food distributor with 300 depot centers illustrates a perfect example. Each warehouse relies on long-range wedge scanners, rugged pistol grip mobile computers, and complementary accessories. These devices encompass a massive operation and number in the thousands. While all-new hardware running Android is ideal, budgetary approval is two years away. To minimize downtime and work within their fiscal constraints, they use CarltonCare.

CarltonCare remains the perfect complement to the warehousing giant’s technology needs. The company only pays for repairs on a per device basis. After seven days at our technical center, the devices are working like new. Flat Fee provides the flexibility they need at a very competitive price.

Approach #2: Full Coverage (Including Accidental Damage), One Annual Bill.

Want peace of mind and simplicity? Look no further than a CarltonCare Premium service plan.

premium repair plan carltoncare

CarltonCare Premium is our core business. It’s the most popular service plan for our warehouse and distribution customers. Every device is covered, even when there is accidental damage or breakage where a replacement is required.

Service costs are predictable and easy to manage. You don’t need to track down weekly invoices or manage multiple vendors. There is one annual repair bill.

Speaking of the bill, the cost of CarltonCare varies depending on organization size, number of devices, average device failure rates, and the type(s) of mobile computers, scanners, and vehicle mounts in need of repair. Generally, we recommend Premium to customers with 100+ installed devices and recurring failures.

Submit repair requests, invoices, and support in our online portal. Still have questions? You have a dedicated, U.S. based point of contact for support and troubleshooting.

Carlton can even maintain your spare devices in-house. “Lose” a CK3X under a forklift or an employee locker? Carlton will deploy a working, fully configured scanner to you right away. No questions asked.

Real Life Use Case: Warehousing Company

A warehousing company with over 4,000 unique pieces of equipment had too many vendors. Malfunctioning and broken MC9090s deployed at scale can slow anyone down. Excessive vendors and communication problems can cripple everything.

That’s why CarltonCare works. There’s a clear service contract and one annual charge. The customer knows exactly who to contact when critical equipment fails. Communication is polite and timely. Repairs are thorough and on-time 98% of the time. Last, the efficient deployment process makes the entire operation flow without incident.

Improve Decision Making, Productivity, and Profitability

Want to make more informed decisions and have a more profitable distribution center? A strategic approach to AIDC device repair plays a major role. Move more products, improve operational efficiency and safety, and capture critical data.

Make warehouse technology easier to manage and repair. Work with a trusted partner like Carlton, whether on a Flat Fee or Premium plan. You choose. Your distribution centers depend on barcode scanners, printers, mobile computers, and handheld equipment.

Ask us anything about the different service plans and technology solutions we offer.

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