Carlton Technologies, Inc is Now a Registered Non-Resident Importer

Registered Non-Resident Importer

To further support its Canadian customers, Carlton Technologies has registered as a Non-Resident Importer with UPS.

As a Non-Resident Importer, Carlton acts as the Importer of Record (IOR) for shipments imported into Canada.

This means Carlton takes responsibility for all accounting related to importation including, but not limited to, any duties and/or taxes payable to the Government of Canada as well as the maintenance of all records pertaining to each importation.

Acting as the importer of record for goods sold or consigned to Canada without having a physical presence, Carlton offers consistent clearance processing, potentially faster delivery times, pre-determined cost and hassle-free border shipments. Services now included in shipments across the border into Canada include:

  • Creation of all inbound customs documentation and labels
  • Prevention of errors and unnecessary charges when creating customs documentation
  • Accurately entering tariff codes and values

For Carlton’s customers in Canada, the process to ship their mobile devices back to them across the border just got easier.

Take advantage of our NRI program today by contacting a Carlton Representative.

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