40 Mobile Device Tips and Tricks

Mobile Device Tips and Tricks

Whether your device is locked, daily tasks are taking too long or you are having difficulty navigating the many features of your device – it’s always a good idea to have a few tricks up your sleeve. We’ve compiled a few of the more popular mobile device tips which will improve device usage and efficiency. Enjoy our list and let us know what we missed.

40 Mobile Device Tips and Tricks

  1. When switching to numeric mode on your Apple iOS device, press and hold a Number or Symbol button and slide it over to the key you want to press. Then let go to return to your letters screen.
  2. Get to the alignment screen on any MC9000 series devices by pressing BLUE then ESC.
  3. Pressing blue+esc brings up the calibration screen on mc90xx for when you are having issues navigating to the screen alignment options via the touchscreen.
  4. Access the start menu on Motorola/Zebra mc90xx units by pressing ctrl+esc (for MC75 and MC55-65-67 by pressing BLUE then BKSP).
  5. When your touch screen is not working or taking alignment settings, remove the screen protector and try again.
  6. Change your LS9208 beeper volume by pressing and holding the trigger for approximately 5 seconds. Your scanner will cycle through Low, Medium, High settings emitting a 2-beep tone at each setting. Release the trigger after you hear the desired 2-beep tone.
  7. When your screen is misaligned on your CK3x, press green>i>disable green>esc to bring up the menu to navigate to realign the screen.
  8. When your GK420 printer is not printing, try changing the setting to default.
  9. When using Android OS, under settings, go to about phone. Tap on “build number” 5 to 7 times to put your Android phone in developer mode and give you an extra menu in the options for advanced configuration.
  10. To rescue your SR61B due to a locked trigger, factory default settings are restored including custom default settings. This is done by removing and re-installing the battery, pulling the trigger for 10 seconds then releasing when the red LED lights up. Then press the trigger rapidly five times while the red LED is on.
  11. When having Motorola/Zebra MC55, MC65, or MC67 active sync issues, try cleaning your contacts.
  12. When resetting an Intermec/Honeywell CK3X wait for the red light to flash once which indicates it has been reset.
  13. Conserve battery power on your MC92N0 by adjusting the backlight settings. You can do this on your Windows CE devices by tapping Start > Settings > Control Panel > Keylight > Battery Power. Select the Battery Power: Disable keylight if not used for checkbox and select a value from the drop-down list box. Tap Advanced then Tap the Disableketlight checkbox to completely turn off the display backlight.
  14. When your Motorola handheld keeps warm booting, try cold booting the device OR leave the battery out of it overnight to deplete the internal battery. When the main battery is inserted, it should force a cold boot, breaking the warm boot (boot loop) cycle.
  15. When looking for networks on your Intermec/Honeywell CK3X, CK3R, CN70 or CK71, issues can occur. With Microsoft security turned on, and if the wireless wasn’t enabled on boot, put the device on standby and wake it up for the wireless to look for networks.
  16. Align your Intermec/Honeywell CN3 by Pressing the Windows button on the upper left of the keypad > Press the Down button to select Settings > Press Enter > Tab  until the Settings  is highlighted > Press the Right Arrow button to select the System tab (on some keypads this will be the orange button and down button) > Press tab until the Screen icon is highlighted > Tab to Align Screen and press Enter and then follow the instructions on the screen > Click OK.
  17. When getting a battery error on your Intermec/Honeywell CK devices, wipe off the battery contacts.
  18. When your mobile printer has streaks running through the printout clean the printhead with a q-tip and isopropyl alcohol.
  19. If a CK3X and other CK series are not scanning, try rebooting.
  20. When using a WT4090, Press 1 and 9 and the power button together for a cold boot. This also on several legacy Symbol devices.
  21. When using Android, double clicking the power button launches the camera app.
  22. To warm boot the CipherLab 9700 – Press and hold the power button until the menu appears, select the warm boot option.
  23. On Android OS, press and hold the Volume Down button to turn on Do Not Disturb mode.
  24. When receiving a “Close Battery Door” message on an MC9090 handheld disallowing the unit to boot past that screen, push the battery into the unit further. If that doesn’t work, clean the battery contacts on the battery, and reinsert.
  25. When using a WT4090, cold boot the device and then hold P1 and P2 to put the device into IPL mode
  26. When using a device on the Android OS –  press and hold down volume down and the power button to take a screenshot.
  27. When using a device on the Android OS – press and hold Power + Volume Up for a few seconds to turn your phone off.
  28. Extend the life of your QL Series Printers by always use a charger designed specifically for Lithium-Ion batteries, choose the correct print darkness and print speed for your media, and Select Tear Off mode whenever possible.
  29. When looking to use a special symbol on your Apple iOS device, click and hold the letter to open all special characters associated with that letter.
  30. Do not hold the Motorola LS3408 scanner directly over the barcode as the Laser light reflects directly back into the scanner making decoding difficult. Tilt the scanner up to 65° forward or back to achieve a successful decode.
  31. If you want to clean learned words/vocabulary open “Settings,” select “General,” scroll right down to the bottom to “Reset,” select that and then hit the red “Reset Dictionary” button which will erase the settings.
  32. Cold Boot your Datalogic Falcon X3.: Turn it off by pressing the on-off key, remove the battery pack, press and hold the scan button and then press the reset button, Insert the battery pack, turn on the Falcon X3 back on via on/off button.
  33. To prolong the battery life of your CN3 press the Power button to initiate Suspend mode, meaning power will continue to all memory but powers off many hardware settings.
  34. Perform a Warm Boot on your MC9090 by holding down the Power button for approximately five seconds. As soon as the mobile computer starts to perform booting action release the power button.
  35. When your barcode printer skipping labels, try cleaning your sensors.
  36. To Warm Boot the Motorola MC9200, press and hold the Power Button for 5 seconds. Then release the power button once the splash screen appears.
  37. To cold boot an Intermec PB42, disconnect it the power source if externally powered, remove the batteries from the PB42 for at least one second, reinsert batteries, reconnect external power then press the feed button several times.
  38. To change between open apps on your Apple iOS mobile device double click the home button and swipe left or right to find the app you are looking to maximize.
  39. To create a custom keyboard on your Android device, visit Settings > Language & Keyboard > Input > Personal Dictionary > Click the plus (+) sign located in the upper right corner. When prompted with the New Word bar, type a phrase that you want to populate when entering a shortcut. Your newly created phrase will appear in autocorrect options along with suggested words.
  40. Open your Intermec PW40 and push and hold the red button for about four seconds to print a self-test.

For an extensive database of mobile device tips and tricks be sure to visit our knowledge base.

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