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A successful enterprise technology deployment depends on an exceptional strategy and a carefully designed technological foundation. Staging and integration events consist of many smaller events working in harmony.

For the best possible device deployment and foundation, begin with staging and integration services from Carlton Technologies. 

Why Staging and Integration Should Be Centralized

A centralized staging and integration event is a must for any successful technology roll out. An offsite staging and integration begins with all relevant technology being shipped to our technical center in Holland, Michigan. Here’s why we recommend offsite rather than onsite staging:

  • Experience fewer project delays and scope creep when staging and integration occurs in a controlled environment, independent of your onsite locations 
  • Your technology stack arrives “plug and play” at each location. You save time, money, physical space, and experience fewer problems in the field
  • Deploying and installing technology for new stores, offices, medical practices, warehouses, and distribution centers is systematic, repeatable, and scalable

Our Staging, Configuration, and Asset Deployment Process

Carlton Technologies follows a multi-step methodology for staging, integrating, and deploying enterprise technology. Steps can vary from project to project, but the general process looks like this:

Hardware Receipt and Verification

Verifying that the correct equipment was ordered and received prior to staging and deploying is a time-consuming, yet essential first step of the Staging & Integration event.  As equipment is received by Carlton, every device is serialized and inventoried for warranty entitlement and per-location asset tracking. This way, your assets are organized and accounted for before setup begins.

Secure, Rapid Software Imaging via Multicast Server

A principal software image is configured, validated, and tested. Once the ideal custom software image is approved, we leverage a multicast server to distribute that image to each device over a high-speed network.  This allows for many devices to be imaged quickly with 100% accuracy upon each software load.

Per Device Personalization

With Per Device Personalization, we configure the equipment with exact user and location specifications as part of the imaging and loading process. When your equipment arrives on location, each device is fully configured to be plug and play out of the box while connected to your designated local network.

Device Testing

Whether the technology that you are deploying is new or refurbished, the testing of that equipment and its associated accessories is key to the success of the deployment. Carlton tests for out of box failures to make sure that all components are functioning and communicating as intended for you.

Per Site Kitting

Successful technology projects require that every device arrives in one package at the designated time and place, without delays searching for lost equipment. When phones, printers, point of sale terminals, and computers are to be deployed per location nationwide, Per Site Kitting from Carlton Technologies ensures that all necessary equipment and associated accessories are packaged and shipped together.

Warranty Entitlement

Although new equipment generally comes with an OEM warranty, oftentimes the equipment needs to be “registered” with the OEM in order to start the warranty on the appropriate date.  Carlton Technologies can help with this process by logging and reporting the serial numbers of the equipment in order to initiate the warranty upon shipment to the end user location.  This gives you the peace of mind that if that device fails in the field, the process to get it repaired under the OEM warranty will be a smooth one, every time.


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