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The Dolphin 9500 Series

Dependable, flexible wireless data collection

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Staging & Configuration

Depending on your in-house IT capability and workload, the arrival of new equipment can be a stressful—and costly—if it results in reduced productivity. With complex systems, just dealing with configuration issues can be very time consuming. And if mistakes are made, the downside can be even more dramatic.

But these potential challenges can be eliminated if you leave the staging and configuration to Carlton. No struggling with massive manuals or other time-consuming preparation. With our help, your equipment is ready for system-compatible use the moment it comes out of the box.

More specifically, we inspect every product, verifying that all parts are on hand; load and license your software; preconfigure the device for your network and obtain all licenses; set all parameters and run preventive diagnostic programs; enable security and perform activation with your carrier; and update or download any operating system or firmware revisions.

Take the word of satisfied Carlton customers, our staging and configuration service is a very productive investment in getting up and running more quickly.