Site Surveys and Network Installations

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With onsite networking, what you don’t know can cost you. To unveil major areas of performance improvement and cost savings in both wired and wireless networks, a thorough site survey is a natural first step for IT departments and third party vendors to take. But diagnosis is the easy part.

Carlton Professional Services will implement onsite network improvements for you. We will improve your network infrastructure and overall connectivity, as well as provide increased speeds. We can also manage ISP relationships and assure you are getting the network services you paid for.

We offer wireless, wired, and/or a combination of site surveys and network installation services that can prepare your business for future networking innovations.

wlan connectivity wifiWireless Site Surveys

Wireless site surveys establish wireless network coverage in a location. Our wireless site surveys will help you understand any current obstacles to proper network coverage, as well as provide you with recommended locations of wireless access points that will provide the best coverage within the entire facility.

Physical Site Surveys

Physical site surveys audit the existing technology installed at a location, verify and label (if required) the site’s wired network, and provide a photo library of end user equipment. Physical site surveys also identify and evaluate existing network cabinets and closets to provide a better foundation for future initiatives.

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