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The Dolphin 9500 Series

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Site Surveys

If you’ve done it you know, establishing a wireless network can be a difficult task. The challenge is to assure sufficient coverage to eliminate dead spots. On the other hand, excess coverage can create its own problems.

Which is why many of our customers call on Carlton’s experience and commission an RF site survey to guarantee networks with adequate coverage throughout their facilities, by identifying potential sources of interference that could impede wireless LAN penetration and by determining the optimum number and placement of access points.

Before establishing a recommended map of these access points supported by a comprehensive report, a Carlton RF engineer visits the site and tests access point locations by measuring signal strength and quality, noise levels and other parameters. We also identify sources of RF interference including cordless phones, microwave ovens, heavy machinery, welders, rogue access points, bluetooth devices and more.

Consistent customer feedback has shown a Carlton RF survey to be an important building block in establishing an efficient and productive RF network.