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New location openings, such as store rollouts, office openings, medical practice expansions, or multi-year, 100,000 square feet distribution center construction projects, are an exciting, yet incredibly massive undertaking. The capital investment, both in a financial sense, as well as the volume of people and technology to coordinate is staggering. 

Every opening has its own unique challenges, but the we find the most expensive aspect of a new location opening is time spent onsite.

Carlton Technologies manages and supports your technology installation, from the first blueprint, to long after the ribbon cutting.

A trusted grand opening (GO) project management and IT installation partner is crucial to ensure your budget, timeline, and teams are operating in sync with minimal delays.

New Location Installation Process

The size, scale, and level of complexity of a new store, office, or distribution center installation will vary, but you can expect the same exceptional service from Carlton every time. Exceptional project management, communication, and ongoing support – that’s the real value a partner brings. Installation services from Carlton include:

Low Voltage Cabling Rough-In

Keep onsite costs and timelines in check. Network cabling is installed prior to fixture installation. A dedicated project manager will coordinate with the construction, plumbing, and electrical crews, ensuring the proper foundation for voice and data cabling is completed in the early construction phase.

Cable Terminations and Network Labeling

Once fixture installation is completed, a qualified cable technician completes cable terminations and labels network endpoints. Smart labeling on the surface level (such as on the concrete where a point of sale station will go) and organized cable termination makes installation easier, reducing troubleshooting time and cost. 

Installation, Test / Turn Up, and Network Validation

Once cabling and initial connection endpoints are in place, we deploy, configure, and install the broadline IT equipment. During this phase, a qualified technician will be onsite to manage the entire process: equipment installation, functionality testing, and overall network validation.  

Onsite Support When It Really Matters

Now the most critical step: the grand opening. Unforeseen challenges are inevitable. With Carlton, you have a dedicated, IT installation team onsite all along. As a natural extension of your IT support, our technicians remain onsite to support and manage your technology rollout every step of the way. 

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