Low Voltage Cabling

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Low voltage cabling starts off looking tidy upon initial installation.

Over time, network equipment is replaced, additional devices are added, and equipment troubleshooting takes place, which can lead to very messy cable management in network cabinets and closets.

Network cable management is a vicious cycle. Troubleshooting takes longer, costs more, and can jeopardize uptime during peak business hours.

 Low Voltage Cable Management from Carlton

You’ve invested heavily in the assets, so invest in the network cabling that keeps systems running at their best. The fundamental low voltage cabling services from Carlton Technologies includes: 

All voice, internet, and data capture equipment is being recognized on the network and communicating properly

All low voltage cabling is tied, routed, and organized in a neat, orderly manner

All cabling is labeled for efficient future troubleshooting and cable management

Additional Device Cablinglow voltage cabling

When adding a wired network device to a location, there is not always an available network jack in the vicinity of the device.

Our onsite field service technicians can neatly run and terminate the cabling from the new device to the appropriate network location, getting the new network up and running quickly.

Phone Line Reduction and Consolidation

Although many organizations have migrated to VOIP phone systems, many are still using traditional analog lines.

Carlton will identify phone lines that are actually being used, and remove unwanted/unused lines, saving you thousands in costs on existing carrier contracts.

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