IT Sourcing, Procurement, and Consolidation

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Enterprise asset procurement and management is easier with a strategic, reliable partner who can deploy large projects quickly and accurately.

Imagine this: you save hundreds of thousands in IT equipment and staffing costs. Where would you reinvest that capital if it were truly up to you? IT teams could have more resources to focus on innovation, rather than be perceived as a cost center or “necessary evil”.

One of the best ways to achieve this is by delegating IT asset procurement, inventory management, configuration, troubleshooting, and warranty registration entitlement to a trusted managed IT services partner. Less purchase orders and fewer vendors to manage.

Carlton Professional Services plans and designs technology projects, procures the IT assets, then supplies and deploys that same technology for you. Examples of IT procurement products include both new and refurbished computers, POS terminals, handheld and wearable mobile scanners, printers, low voltage network cabling, network racks, WiFi access points, and more.

PC Workstations

  • Dell PCs
  • Dell Laptops
  • Apple MacBooks

Point of Sale Terminals

  • Rugged Displays
  • Dell Monitors
  • Acer Monitors

Touchscreen Displays

  • ELO Touch Check-In Terminals
  • ELO Touch Point of Sale Displays
  • Conference Room and Office Solutions

Enterprise Mobility

  • Mobile Computers, Printers, and Handhelds
  • Wearable Barcode Scanners
  • Vehicle Mount Computers

Industrial Printers & Print Media

  • Stationary Industrial Label Printers
  • Industrial Scanners
  • Assorted Print Media

Network Infrastructure

  • Network Cabling
  • Network Racks
  • Wi-Fi and Wired Access Points

Telephone Solutions

  • Analog phone line reductions
  • Digital phone line installations
  • Carrier consolidations

Automated Reporting

  • Customized device performance tracking
  • Monthly, weekly, and daily reports
  • Proactive diagnosis

Cloud-Based MDM

  • Mobile device management
  • Remote diagnosis, updates, and security
  • OS monitoring, battery management

Strategic Partnerships

Our partnerships with technology manufacturers and distributors span more than 20 years. When you work with Carlton, you have a direct line to the technological resources and expertise of global technology leaders, without the sole responsibility of managing those relationships yourself.

Industry Focused, Customer Centric

Managed IT services for customers in industries with varying degrees of complexity and unique technological hurdles, such as retail, healthcare, warehousing, distribution, manufacturing, and transportation and logistics. 

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