Motorola MC9200 Series Service & Repair

The Motorola MC9200 series is wildly popular for a reason – it’s a very resilient mobile computer that thousands of distribution centers still rely on every day. Motorola/Symbol (now Zebra) has manufactured MC9200 scanners for decades, and the early claims of “future-proof” have certainly held up.

Yet even a workhorse like the MC9200 computer can run into issues, damage, and failures. Repairing and replacing MC9200s is our true specialty. With dedicated repair technicians based in the U.S., rapid turnaround times, and real customer service, Carlton Technologies has a MC9200 service plan for you. Whatever your needs, budget, or type of equipment.

Fix your MC9200s quickly without a commitment. Pay one price per device with our Flat Fee plan (including a 90 day warranty). New businesses love this flexibility and often become lifelong customers. For organizations with a larger device footprint, a Premium Plan offers the highest level of coverage and service in the industry, including accidental breakage. For the best of both worlds, choose the Flat Fee or Premium Plan with additional features to create a Custom MC9200 Series Service Plan for your organization. 

Carlton also offers Certified Pre-Owned MC9200s at competitive pricing. More details below.





Flat Fee

Pay As You Go / Per Incident

No Contract Required, Plus:

Comprehensive Coverage

Preventative Maintenance

90 Day Warranty

Online Customer Center

Technical Phone Support

7 Day Turn Time

Ground Return Shipping


Total No Fault Coverage

Everything in Flat Fee, Plus:

Accidental Breakage Coverage

Advanced Overnight Replacement

Expedited Shipping

3 Day Turn Time

Changeable Contract

App Loading & Configuration

Hardware Coverage Guarantee

Custom Reporting

Battery Optimization

Assigned Customer Service Representative

Spare Pool Management

Accessories Included

Best Value


Build Your Own Plan

Choose Features from Any Plan, Plus:

Advanced Overnight Replacement

Spare Pool Management

Technical Phone Support

Site Surveys


Purchase Certified Pre-Owned Motorola MC9200’s

Certified Pre-Owned MC9200’s are refurbished to our good-as-new standard, yet still sell for far less than brand new devices. Get a Free Quote today: