Mobile Device Staging and Kitting

Partnering with Carlton Technologies for your mobile device staging and kitting will take the hassle out of deploying your mobile computing and barcode scanning equipment across your organization. Channeling all your mobile devices and accessories through our technical center, allows our certified technicians to expertly set them up per your specifications. Through provisioning, staging, kitting, packaging then deploying to each of your designated locations; We’ll save your IT Department the headache of managing of all aspects of preparing devices for initial distribution.

We inspect every product, verifying that all items are on hand; load and activate software licenses; preconfigure each device for your network; enable security and perform activations with your carrier; and update or download any operating system or firmware revisions.

We work with clients from a variety of industries and experience levels and take pride in offering tailored solutions on a case by case basis. We strive to make thoughtful and customized recommendations offering a sound strategy which will save you time and money. Working with Carlton will give you time to focus on your core offering with more device uptime and less worry!

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Mobile Device Management 101

Mobile Device Management 101

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