Mobile Device Lifecycle Management

Carlton can support your mobile devices wherever and whenever you need, during their entire Mobile Device Lifecycle– from sourcing, provisioning and deploying, to repairing and maintaining as well as asset management. Rely on our experience and strong professional team to support all your deployed mobile devices throughout their entire lifecycle via our Mobile Device Lifecycle Management offering.

We provide value from the start through strategic sourcing and procurement management, ensuring the devices you require are available, on time, and meet your specifications. We take extra steps to ensure all devices are checked for quality, fully charged and provisioned, asset tagged and expertly packaged and deployed to your individual locations.

Throughout this entire Mobile Device Lifecycle Management process, you’ll have a point of contact who will be able to answer any questions you might have about your order. We can manage your spare pool onsite at Carlton and offer multiple equipment repair return options, including advance replacement to take the guesswork out of repairing and maintaining your devices.

Choosing Carlton to manage your Mobile Device Lifecycle for your entire install base will result in time and cost savings and greater uptime in the field. Carlton provides a single point for all issues related to your mobile equipment serving as a trusted partner to your organization’s Procurement, Operations and IT Departments.

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