Lots to Love about Refurbished Mobile Equipment

Refurbished Mobile Equipment

This Valentine’s Day, we thought it would be the perfect time to talk about how much we love refurbished mobile equipment. The bottom line: refurbished barcode scanners, mobile computers, and data capture technology often provide the best overall value for your organization’s hardware needs.

There are several misconceptions and questions about what refurbished mobile equipment is, particularly how it compares to ‘Used’ or ‘As-Is’ equipment. We’re here to share a few common misconceptions about refurbished mobile equipment, as well as the many attributes which can make your operation look its very best.

Refurbished Mobile Equipment, As-Is, and Used Equipment are Not The Same

Used, or As-Is devices consist of equipment that has been used and put on the market to sell in the condition it is currently in.

Regardless of how long it was in use previously, whether deployed for ten months or ten years, devices classified as Used or As-Is will be in the same condition—inside and out—as the last day they were used. Often, you’ll find devices in this condition on eBay or Amazon.

While also previously owned, only Professionally Refurbished or Certified Pre-Owned Mobile Equipment undergoes a thorough inspection and is serviced until the condition is in ‘good-as-new’ condition before it’s ready for resale. Refurbished Mobile Equipment from Carlton is also backed by a 90 day warranty, which you won’t find on used equipment.

A good way to think about buying refurbished equipment vs. used mobile equipment is to compare it to the automobile industry. Much like mobile devices, there’s a significant difference between a used vehicle and a certified pre-owned vehicle. Certified pre-owned vehicles undergo a bumper-to-bumper inspection by the automaker or dealer and are guaranteed to be in quality condition. With a used car, you typically only get a “for sale” sign and a smile.

Refurbished Mobile Equipment Works. Better.

Only refurbished mobile equipment goes through a comprehensive repair and inspection process. For example, Carlton Technologies sends each piece of equipment through a 7-step equipment repair process, starting with function tests on critical components. Highly trained professional technicians then inspect physical attributes of the device, replace or repair damaged parts and address any common device issues with preventive care.

Refurbished Mobile Equipment chip

When complete, the equipment looks as close to new as possible. Once these checks, repairs and preventive actions are complete – devices are configured, staged, kitted and loaded with the preferred software. These particular measures ensure you’re getting a quality product that you can count on it’s ready to go out of the box.

When Should You Show Refurbished Mobile Equipment Some Love?

Sometimes the latest and greatest technology is your best choice based on your strategic IT plans. In a lot of circumstances, however, considering refurbished mobile equipment makes more business sense. A few reasons to consider:

Cost savings

One of the core reasons for choosing refurbished gear is price savings, which can be as high as 50% less than new devices. Refurbished mobile equipment is an ideal choice for companies who are looking to expand their operation with a preference to keep continuity.  It also can give you the performance of a new device, but for much less cost and minimal deployment/overhead costs.

More of what you already have

OEMs typically discontinue manufacturing of devices after a certain number of years as they strive to keep up with technology trends. Once a company becomes familiar with a device, they often want to keep that device and simply buy more as they grow.

Refurbished devices are not only the perfect complement for those deployed devices you already know and love, it’s often the only means to bring on the exact configuration and image you already use. Once purchased, Certified Pre-Owned hardware is deployed with ease and organizations have peace of mind that they are arming their employees with what’s already working.

Refurbished Mobile Equipment assortment technology devices

Proof of Concept

Purchasing or renting refurbished mobile equipment allows companies try out new devices and ensure it’s right for their organization before making a significant financial investment. For example, a company might want to test wearable technology in its distribution center. By purchasing refurbished wearable devices, they can evaluate the benefits of using such technology and determine if it’s a strategy the organization wants to pursue.

Withstanding the Test of Time

When devices are no longer manufactured by OEMs, there is still a large demand at organizations with devices deployed in the field. The MC9000 series was established in 2003 as the ruggedized computer option for the supply chain industry. 15 years and millions of devices later, these devices are still widely used for their dependability in an ever-growing wide swath of industries.

Refurbished Mobile Equipment scanners

Mobile Devices such as the MC9090-G, MC9090-Z, MC9097 and the MC9190-G are most commonly sought out on the refurb market as they are widely deployed and no longer manufactured or serviced by the OEM. Companies often choose not to upgrade and maintain these devices by purchasing them professionally refurbished devices through reputable sources, and sign repair contracts to ensure they are covered.

Your Significant Vendor

If you’re not sure whether new or refurbished devices are right for your organization, it’s best to talk with a certified mobile equipment provider/expert for guidance. A trustworthy vendor will look at your company’s specific business goals, weigh the available equipment options and recommend those devices—whether new or refurbished—to best meet those goals.

We’d also never recommend purchasing a refurbished or pre-owned box of Valentine’s Day chocolates for that special someone. The benefits just aren’t worth the cost savings.

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