Resetting the Gryphon to Factory Default

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Resetting the Datalogic Gryphon to Factory or Custom Default

Restore Custom Defaults

If you aren’t sure what programming options are in your imager or you have changed some options and want to restore the Custom Default Configuration that may have been saved in the scanner, scan the Restore Custom Default Configuration barcode below. This will restore the custom configuration for the currently active interface.

Restore Factory Default Configuration

If you want to restore the Default Factory Configuration on your Datalogic Gryphon, scan either the Restore USA Factory Configuration barcode or the Restore EU Factory Configuration barcode below. Both labels restore the scanner configuration to the factory default settings, including interface type. The USA label restores Label IDs to those historically used in the USA. The EU label restores Label IDs to those historically used in Europe.

Software Version Transmission

The software version of the device can be transmitted over the RS-232 and Keyboard interfaces by scanning the following label.

Enter/Exit Program Mode

Scan the following barcode to enter or exit Programming mode on your Datalogic Gryphon Scanner.



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