QL Series Troubleshooting

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Zebra QL Series Troubleshooting

No Power

  • Check that the battery is installed properly
  • Recharge or replace the battery as necessary

Media Does Not Feed

  • Be sure that the print head cover is latched and closed
  • Check spindle holding media for any binding
  • If the unit is equipped with label presence sensor: Ensure most recent label is removed

Poor or Faded Print or Battery Light Flashing

  • Clean print head
  • Check battery and recharge or replace as necessary
  • Check quality of media

Partial or Missing Print

  • Check media alignment
  • Clean print head
  • Ensure print head is properly closed and latched

Garbled Print

  • Check baud rate

No Print

  • Check baud rate
  • Replace battery
  • Check cable to terminal
  • Establish RF link (wireless units only) and/or restore LAN associativity (printers with WLAN radios only
  • Invalid label format or command structure. Place the printer in Communications Diagnostic (Hex Dump) mode to diagnose the problem

Reduced Battery Charge Life

  • Check the battery date code – if the battery is one or two years old, short charge life may be due to normal aging
  • Recondition battery
  • Replace battery

Skips Labels

  • Check media for top of form sense mark or label gap
  • Check that the maximum print field has not been exceeded on label
  • Ensure bar or gap sensor is not blocked or malfunctioning

Communication Error

  • Check that media is loaded, head is closed and error light is off
  • Check the baud rate
  • Replace cable to terminal

Label Jam

  • Open head release latch and media cover
  • Generously apply alcohol to printer in area of jammed label

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