Granit 1980i Industrial Scanner

The extremely tough Granit 1980i industrial scanner offers superior scan performance, easily capturing even the most difficult-to-read barcodes in extreme environments. The 1980i is a full-range, forklift-ready imager packed with innovative capabilities that warehouse operators and associates love:

  • Auto-illumination laser aiming system and omnidirectional barcode reading
  • Support for center-code scanning in 1D and 2D ranges up to 50 feet away
  • Industry-standard housing for unmatched durability

Engineered for 6 foot drops to concrete, IP65 rated for water and dust resistance, and high performance in temperatures as low as -22 degrees F. See why the Granit 1980i remains one of the most popular warehouse scanners today.

Granit 1980i Features

Area imager scans any 1D/2D barcode from 6 inches to 50 feet away

IP65 rating, built for temperatures as low as -22 degrees F

Fast scanning, from small paper codes at arms length all the way up to warehouse rafter barcodes

50 drops to concrete from 6.5 feet

5,000 3.2 foot tumbles, engineered to last

Industrial grade USB / True RS232 cabling, strong enough for 300,000 90 degree bends at 60 pounds of force

Granit 1980i Accessories

We can procure your Granit 1980i charging bases, vehicle-mount docks, and cables for less.





Hand Straps


Granit 1980i Extended Warranty and Support

The Granit 1980i includes a three year factory warranty. Ask us about our Extended Warranty options and service packages for additional peace of mind.