Honeywell 8680i Wearable Scanner

The 8680i wearable scanner offers superior scan performance in a compact, hands-free form factor designed for maximum efficiency and end user comfort. Complement mobile computer and industrial scanner workflows with the 8680i wearable mini. Common picking, packing, and sorting applications with excellent ergonomics.

  • Lightweight, Bluetooth close range scanning up to 32 inches
  • Strap glove securely places the 8680i on back of hand for optimal dexterity
  • Speedy scanning and uninterupted performance, aided by Operational Intellence

Engineered to withstand thousands of 1.6 foot tumbles, the 8680i is perfect for harsh warehouse environments and repetitive daily scanning. Complete with reconfigurable accessories, users can enable ring or glove extensions in the field. For a high performance, hands-free mini scanner, look no further than the Honeywell 8680i.

8680i Wearable Scanner Features

Omnidirectional area imager, with typical ranges from 1.7 to 32 inches depending on barcode quality

IP54 environmental sealing rating, built for temperatures from -4 degrees F up to 140 degrees F

2.5 GHz Bluetooth/WiFi hands-free scanning, with motion tolerance up to 230 inches per second 

30 drops to concrete from 4.9 feet up – no problem

2,000 1.6 foot tumbles, engineered to last

Extended battery allows 8,000 scans over a 10 hour shift

8680i Accessories

We can procure your 8680i charging bases, straps, batteries, and cables for less. Enable glove and ring scanning on the fly.





Hand Straps


Honeywell 8680i Extended Warranty and Support

The 8680i includes a two year factory warranty. Ask us about our Extended Warranty options and service packages for additional peace of mind.