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MC9596 Overview

Motorola MC9596 Overview Your Motorola MC9596 has many functions and abilities. See below for an overview of the parts and...
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MC9596 Battery 101

Your Definitive Motorola MC9596 Battery Guide How to Install the Motorola MC9596 Battery: Insert the battery, top first, into the battery...
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MC9596 Screen Calibration

Calibrating the Screen on your Motorola MC9596 Calibrating the Screen: Note: The Calibration screen can be accessed by pressing CTRL...
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MC9596 microSD Card

Motorola MC9596 microSD Card The microSD card slot provides secondary non-volatile storage for your Motorola MC9596 and the slot is...
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MC9596 SIM Card

Motorola MC9596 SIM Card GSM phone service requires a Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) card, or smart card. Obtain the card...
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MC9596 Power Settings

Motorola MC9596 Power Settings Changing the Power Settings To set your Motorola MC9596 to turn off after a short period...
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MC9596 Backlight Settings

Motorola MC9596 Backlight Settings Changing the Backlight Settings To change the backlight settings on your Motorola MC9596 in order to...
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MC9596 Keypad Backlight Settings

Motorola MC9596 Keypad Backlight Settings To change the keypad backlight settings on your Motorola MC9596 in order to conserve more...
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MC9596 Warm/Cold Boot

Resetting your Motorola MC9596 There are two reset functions, warm boot and cold boot. A warm boot restarts the Motorola...
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MC9596 Waking

Waking Your Motorola MC9596 The wake-up conditions define what actions wake up your Motorola MC9596 after it has gone into...
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