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MC7596 SIM Card Installation

Installing the SIM Card in your Motorola MC7596 GSM phone service requires a SIM or Smart card. You can obtain...
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MC7596 Battery 101

Motorola MC7596 Battery Tips and Tricks Installing the Battery To install the main battery in your Motorola MC7596 follow the...
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MC7596 Status Icons

Understanding the Status Icons on your Motorola MC7596 Your Motorola MC7596 will have a variety of icons to help you...
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MC7596 Adjusting the Volume

Adjusting the Volume on your Motorola MC7596 Below will detail how to adjust the volume on your MC7596 using the...
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MC7596 LED Indicators

Understanding your Motorola MC7596 LED Indicators Your Motorola MC7596 has three LED Indicators. The Scan/Decode LED indicates status for bar...
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MC7596 Screen Calibration

Calibrating the Screen on your Motorola MC7596 From time to time you will need to calibrate the screen on your...
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MC7596 Waking from Suspend Mode

Waking your Motorola MC7596 from Suspend Mode The wake up conditions define what actions wake up your Motorola MC7596 after...
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MC7596 Lock Feature

Locking Your MC7596 Your Motorola MC7596 comes equipped with lock feature to prevent use of the device by unauthorized personnel....
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MC7596 Function Buttons

Using Your MC7596 Function Buttons Your Motorola MC7596 buttons can perform several functions. See below for a list of common...
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