Motorola LS3408

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LS3408 Interface Cable

Installing the Interface Cable in your Motorola LS3408 Loosen the screws on the cable clamp at the bottom of the...
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LS3408 Beeper Definitions

Motorola LS3408 Beeper Definitions The Motorola LS3408 scanner emits different beeper sequences and patterns to indicate its status. The table...
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LS3408 LED Definitions

Motorola LS3408 LED Definitions In addition to beeper sequences, the Motorola LS3408 uses the two color LED to indicate status....
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LS3408 Basics

Motorola LS3408 Basic Information The Motorola LS3408 scanner combines excellent scanning performance and advanced ergonomics to provide the best value...
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LS3408 Scanning

Scanning with your Motorola LS3408 Aiming Do not hold the Motorola LS 3408 scanner directly over the bar code. Laser...
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