Motorola DS3578

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DS3578 Getting Started

Getting Started with your Motorola DS3578 The Motorola DS3578 digital scanner combines excellent 1D and 2D omnidirectional bar code scanning...
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DS3578 Cradle Connection

Connecting the Cradle on your Motorola DS3578 Insert the interface cable into the cradle host port. Connect the other end...
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DS3578 Battery 101

Understanding the Battery in your Motorola DS3578 Inserting the Battery The battery resides in a chamber in the digital scanner...
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DS3578 Beeper Definitions

Motorola DS3578 Beeper Definitions The Motorola DS3578 digital scanner emits different beeper sequences and patterns to indicate its status. The...
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DS3578 LED Definitions

Motorola DS3578 LED Definitions In addition to beeper sequences, the digital scanner uses a two-color LED to indicate its status,...
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