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MC65 microSD/SIM Card

Installing the microSD and SIM Card in your Motorola MC65 Installing a microSD Card The microSD card slot provides secondary...
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MC65 Battery 101

Motorola MC65 Battery 101 Installing the Battery Insert the battery, bottom first, into the battery compartment in the back of...
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MC65 Function Buttons

Motorola MC65 Function Buttons Power: Press the red Power button to turn the MC65 screen on and off. The Motorola...
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MC65 Status Icons

Motorola MC65 Status Icons The Status bar at the top of the screen on your Motorola MC65 displays the status...
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MC65 Volume

Adjusting the Volume on your Motorola MC65 To adjust the system volume: Press the volume buttons on the right side...
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MC65 LED Indicators

Motorola MC65 LED Indicators The Motorola MC65 has three LED indicators. The Data Capture LED indicates status for scanning. The...
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MC65 Screen Calibration

Calibrating Your Screen on the Motorola MC65 Press the power button to turn on the MC65. The splash screen displays...
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MC65 Resetting

Powering Down and Resetting Your Motorola MC65 Powering Off To power of the Motorola MC65, press and hold the Power...
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MC65 Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Your Motorola MC65 Use the chart below as a reference guide to help correct issues you might experience when...
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