Intermec PB42

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PB42 Control Panel

Intermec PB42 Control Panel Understanding the Control Panel on your Intermec PB42 Printer The PB42/PB42c control panel contains two buttons...
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PB42 Battery 101

Intermec PB42 Battery 101 Installing the Batteries in your Intermec PB42 Make sure you fully charge the batteries before you...
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PB42 Media

Loading Media in your Intermec PB42 You can use fanfold or roll receipt media in your Intermec PB42 printer. Media...
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PB42 Cold Booting

Cold Booting your Intermec PB42 You seldom need to cold boot your Intermec PB42. You should always cold boot the...
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PB42 Configuration Test Page

Printing a Configuration Test Page After you have loaded the media in the printer, you are ready to print out...
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