Intermec CV60

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CV60 Ports and Buttons

Intermec CV60 Ports and Buttons The Intermec CV60 includes these standard features: 12.1” color SVGA display with optional heated display,...
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CV60 Touchscreen

Using the Touchscreen on your Intermec CV60 The CV60 has a 12.1 inch color SVGA touch screen display. The touch...
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CV60 Volume

Adjusting the Volume on your Intermec CV60 You can change the Intermec CV60 volume, for sounds you hear when you...
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CV60 Screen Brightness

Adjusting the Screen Brightness on your Intermec CV60 You may want to adjust the brightness of the screen depending on...
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CV60 Power

Connecting your Intermec CV60 to Power For the CV60 to operate, you must provide power to the CV60 through a...
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CV 60 Status Lights

Understanding the Status Lights on your Intermec CV60 The status lights on the Intermec CV60 turn on to indicate the...
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CV60 External Keyboard

Attaching an External Keyboard to your Intermec CV60 You can attach an external keyboard to the PS/2 connection on your...
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CV60 Tethered Scanner

Connecting a Tethered Scanner to your Intermec CV60 You can attach a tethered scanner to one of the serial (COM1...
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CV60 Basic Skills

Learning the Basic Skills on your Intermec CV60 Learning to use the CV60 is easy. This section describes the basic...
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CV60 Cleaning

Cleaning your Intermec CV60 To keep the CV60 in good working order, you may need to clean the screen whenever...
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