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CN70 Status LED’s

Understanding the status LED’s on Your Intermec CN70 Use the following information to understand the status LED’s on your Intermec...
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CN70 Battery 101

Intermec CN70 Battery 101 Changing the Battery. If your battery power is low on your Intermec CN70, you need to...
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CN70 Backlight

Configuring the Backlight on your Intermec CN70 The display on your Intermec CN70 has an ambient light sensor that automatically...
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CN70 Screen Brightness

Adjusting the Screen Brightness on your Intermec CN70 You can configure the screen brightness on your Intermec CN70 using Intermec...
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CN70 Volume

Adjusting the Volume on your Intermec CN70 You can adjust the Intermec CN70 volume for your needs and your environment....
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CN70 MicroSD Card

Installing the microSD Card in your Intermec CN70 You can use a microSD™ card to increase file storage and install...
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CN70 Screen Alignment

Aligning the Screen on your Intermec CN70 You may need to align your screen on your Intermec CN70 if you...
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CN70 Cold/Clean Boot

Resetting Your Intermec CN70 You might need to reset your Intermec CN70 if it does not turn on after pressing the...
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CN70 Cleaning

Cleaning your Intermec CN70 To keep your Intermec CN70 in good working order, you may need to clean the imager...
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