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CN50 Battery 101

Intermec CN50 Battery 101 Your Intermec CN50 can use either a standard or extended battery as its main power source....
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CN50 Power Button

Using your Intermec CN50’s Power Button When you press and hold the Power button, you put the Intermec CN50 into...
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CN50 Color Coded Keys

Using the Color Coded Keys on Your Intermec CN50 Each keypad provides color coded keys to let you access additional...
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CN50 Volume Options

Adjusting the Volume on your Intermec CN50 You can adjust the volume on your Intermec CN50 for your needs and...
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CN50 Backlight

Configuring the Backlight on your Intermec CN50 By default, the Intermec CN50 goes into Screen Off mode when there is...
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CN50 Touch Screen

Intermec CN50 Touch Screen Calibrating the Touch Screen If the touch screen does not respond when you tap it with...
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CN50 Status LED’s

Understanding Your Intermec CN50 Status LED’s Your Intermec CN50 has four status LED’s. See below for the location of the...
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CN50 microSD Card

Installing a microSD Card in your Intermec CN50 You can use a micro Secure Digital (SD) card to increase file...
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CN50 Warm/Cold Procedure

Resetting Your Intermec CN50 You rarely need to reset your Intermec CN50. If the computer does not resume after pressing...
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CN50 Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting your Intermec CN50 The section below will help you troubleshoot common problems that you may experience with your Intermec...
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