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CN3 Battery 101

Intermec CN3 Battery 101 Charging the Battery The battery pack should be fully charged before you use your Intermec CN3...
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CN3 Color Coded Keys

Intermec CN3 Color Coded Keys All keypads on your Intermec CN3 include color coded modifier keys for characters, symbols and...
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CN3 Power Button

Using the Power Button on your Intermec CN3 When you press the Power button on your Intermec CN3 the device...
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CN3 Screen Icons

Understanding your CN3 Screen Icons Use the screen icons on the Navigation bar and the Command bar to see the...
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CN3 Touch Screen

Intermec CN3 Touch Screen Using the Screen on your Intermec CN3 The Status bar displays the Start flag, the Connectivity...
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CN3 Backlight Configuration

Configuring the Backlight on your Intermec CN3 By default, the CN3 goes into Screen Off mode when there is no...
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CN3 MiniSD and SIM Card

Installing the miniSD card or SIM Card in your Intermec CN3 The mini SD and SIM card slots are located...
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CN3 Warm/Cold Boot

Resetting Your Intermec CN3 Resetting the CN3 You rarely need to reset the Intermec CN3. If the computer does not...
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