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CK3 Volume Settings

Adjusting the Volume of the Speaker You can adjust volume to suit your needs and environment. The volume includes sounds...
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CK3 Backlight Settings

Intermec CK3 Backlight Settings Configuring the backlight settings on your Intermec CK3 can greatly increase your battery life. The below...
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CK3 Battery 101

Intermec CK3 Battery Tips and Tricks Batteries are a crucial aspect of the day to day functionality of your handheld...
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CK3 Aligning the Touch Screen

Intermec CK3 Touch Screen Occasionally your CK3 touch screen may not respond when you tap it with your stylus. Sometimes...
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CK3 Warm/Cold Boot Procedure

Intermec CK3 Warm/Cold Boot Procedure From time to time your Intermec CK3 may get stuck on a strange screen, have application...
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CK3 Color Coded Keys

Intermec CK3 Color Coded Keys The Intermec CK3 comes with a variety of keyboards but all will have color coded...
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CK3 Power Button

Intermec CK3 Power Button When you briefly press the power button on your Intermec CK3 you put the device into...
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CK3 Status and Battery LED’s

Understanding Your Intermec CK3 Status and Battery LED’s Your Intermec CK3 has three status LED lights. The table below describes the Notification...
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CK3 microSD Card

Using the Optional microSD Card with your Intermec CK3 If you need to increase your file storage on your Intermec...
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