Our Technical Skills

Carlton’s team of dedicated repair specialists are the industry’s most knowledgeable thanks to our commitment to ongoing education and training. At a minimum, every one of our technicians is accredited as a Certified IPC-A-610 Specialist. In addition, we have Certified Huntron Analysts and technicians who have a variety of hardware, software and network credentials. Our knowledgeable technicians are a valuable resource to our customers and our commitment to training creates the industry-leading service outcomes that Carlton has attained.

Certified IPC-A-610 Specialist

Carlton’s Certified IPC-A-600 Specialists are trained to accurately inspect and assess the condition of printed circuit boards (PCBs) on all incoming mobile computing equipment. This training assures that defective PCBs are immediately replaced and that fewer healthy PCBs are needlessly scrapped. The benefits of both quality control and environmental savings are substantial.

Certified Huntron Analyst

Carlton’s Certified Huntron Analysts are able to analyze circuit boards on a component level that allows repair of boards rather than replacement. This results in decreased repair costs and, also, less waste and impact on the environment due to the discarding of fewer boards.

With the use of the Huntron machine, we can also proactively determine when parts are going bad, rather than waiting for them to fail. Ultimately, this means superior reliability of our customer’s Certified Pre-Owned hardware.

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